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Matt & Drea's Longfellow Bungalow

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Fool’s Gold \ Introduce us to your home.

Matt & Drea \ Our South Minneapolis Bungalow was built in 1911 for $3,800 in the re-development of the 10-Acre Wonderland Amusement Park that was operated from 1905-1911. It has had many owners throughout its years. Nestled in the heart of the Longfellow neighborhood, we’re never more than a short walk from food, cocktails, or a snazzy new starter jacket from Timebomb vintage. Since our purchase in the Spring of 2019, we’ve dove headfirst into several renovations and continue molding this turn of the century gem into our home.

F’G \ What’s your favorite space & why?

M&D \ Our living and dining room are in an endless battle for our attention as the ‘favorite’ room. On an average night, you can find us cozied up on our couch binging some bad TV with our pup. Weekends bring game night at the dining table with plenty of visits to the bar cart. With the holiday season, the scent of Bath and Body Works pine and twinkly LEDs fill the space. These two rooms tend to get the brunt of the holiday attention and keep our snug home looking festive from the picture window.

F’G \ Show us something handmade. What’s its story?

M&D \ Our favorite piece of art in the house is from a Canadian tapestry artist. After discovering her work online, we commissioned her to re-create a piece called ‘Red Rocks.’ Our vision for the piece was for it to be weaved within a vintage brass frame. Such a frame didn’t exist in her studio, so we were on the hunt for one we could send her. After finding a frame, sending it to British Columbia, and 2 long months later, this beauty found its way into our dining room.

F’G \ If we’re in your neighborhood, where should we go? 

M&D \ A perfect day in Longfellow starts with a hearty breakfast at Hi-Lo Diner. We suggest the Gary Cooper, a crispy chicken, maple syrup duo served over a glazed donut, topped with country gravy. If you can make it out with arteries intact, your next stop should be Hymies Vintage records for some smooth jazz and musty grandpa smells. The rest of the afternoon can be filled with antique shops, beers at the Irish dive bar Merlins Rest, and a quick burrito at Habanero’s tacos – conveniently connected to the Maytag laundromat, so bring your sheets. End your Longfellow adventure with a cocktail and appetizer on the patio at Bungalow Club.

F’G \ Are there projects or spaces you’re currently tackling? 

M&D \ We’ve entered a bit of a hiatus on projects with the start of the cold weather. This summer was spent painting the house and stripping, re-staining, and modifying our back deck. With our newly updated backyard built for entertaining, we are hoping for some post-covid 2021 summer ragers.

F’G \ What would your 5yo self-love most about your home?

M&D \ With the bungalow style, there’s a pretty awesome kid-friendly/short-adult upper level. The sloped ceiling averages about 6’ in height and feels built for your typical kindergartener. We’ve transformed this space into our master bedroom and imagine our younger selves building forts in this cozy upper level.

F’G \ Show us an inspiring before and after, big or small.

M&D \ Our kitchen has seen the brunt of the renovations since moving in last Spring. Enameling the cabinets, new countertops, appliances, new lighting, and backsplash tilework summarize the bulk of the effort. Toughest part of the renovation was the plumbing work associated with the new sink basin and faucet. In case anyone ever asks, plumbing is hard- maybe hire a professional?

F’G \ Do you have a furry/scaly child? Let’s see it then.

M&D \ This is Sully! He’s our loveable lil’ hotdog, Instagram model, and professional napper. Sully’s favorite spots in the house are the bathroom tile, chaise lounge, and mom’s pillow. He likes to act like a guard dog, but we assure you, the barks are just a warning for all the licks you’re about to receive.

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