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Anna's Downtown Fargo Apartment

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Introduce us to your home.

I signed the lease for my 650-square-foot/one-bedroom downtown apartment about a year ago! Moving during a Midwestern winter wasn’t convenient, and it wasn’t a convenient time in my life to move, at all. But, I knew I’d be healthier and happier in the little space with three big windows. 

My apartment marks a new chapter for me. It’s the first place I’ve lived sober. It’s the first place (in a long time) where I’ve been in love. It’s the first place where I learned to set boundaries in my life. My tiny apartment has taught me to think mindfully about what I bring into my space. 

My decor style is a mix of all the styles I love: Vintage, bohemian, Midcentury, clean, artistic, modern, functional, healthy, calming, and alive.

I love to mix different textures and styles that flow together. Plants and fresh flowers are essential – and art. It took this opportunity to prompt me to hang more art, so thank you! The pieces are so happy now.

I’m happy in this space, too. There are things I’d change, if I could. My least favorite aspects of my apartment are the taupe walls (why, why!) and lack of lighting. I get a decent amount of natural light but the rest of my apartment is quite dark. It’s soothing but I’d also like to put on my makeup in my bathroom. I currently use my kitchen table and a mirror so I get natural light.   

What’s your favorite space & why?

I love my bed and bedroom. It’s a plain room. I have an iHome sound and light machine that’s integral to my sleep. I chose nightstand lamps that glow and have USB ports so I don’t waste space with a charger. My king bed is my happy place. The bedroom is the last room in my apartment, and there’s no door. It feels like a cocoon. 

I also love my entryway. I worked hard to transform it into a welcoming area that reflects my style.  

Show us something handmade. What’s its story?

My friend Jenessa gifted me a set of macrame plant hangers handmade by her cousin. I absolutely adore them! They were the first thing I hung when I moved. I saved them for this apartment, and they’re perfect snug holders for my trio of succulents.

If we’re in your neighborhood, where should we go?

Such a tough question because I love all of downtown (Fargo)! Here’s a depiction of a near perfect day: I’d start with latkes + lox and a Stumbeano’s cappuccino at BernBaum’s. Then, I’d walk down the street to O’Day Cache and Proper for fun, feel-good shopping. I’d, also, check out the latest at the Plains Art Museum (it’s always free!) and round out the morning with a walk on Eighth Street to Nichole’s Fine Pastry – my boyfriend and I like to share a pot of Montana Gold tea and a dessert, here. If you’re bundled up enough in the winter, walk through Island Park, too. I could name a bunch of other coffee stops, places to shop, etc. It’s the best!

Are there projects or spaces you’re currently tackling?

My goal is to go through both of my closets and my cupboards to cleanse things I no longer love or need. I’m into the “does this spark joy?” movement. I try to practice a one-in/one-out rule, so I limit what comes into my home. If I buy something new or bring anything new into the space, I have to remove something, too – donate it, give it away, sell it.

What would your 5yo self love most about your home?

She would be so happy with the windows, big bed, fancy bath tub (the lighting is really terrible in my bathroom, so no photo) and all the art. I wanted to be an artist and travel the world when I was little. 

Any ghost stories?

No, and I like it that way! The last place I lived was a beautiful, old building that used to be a funeral home. I lived on the floor with a door to the incinerator. I felt like my unit had great energy, but I also felt a presence of something at times. Strange things would happen, and that apartment had nooks and crannies that made me nervous. I’m very happy to be in a newer building with no weird nooks for energy to gather or bugs to hide!

Do you have a furry/scaly child? Let’s see it then.

My 7-year-old torti kitty Eva lives with me. She rules this castle, in case you didn’t catch that with her giant portrait in the entry. The canvas of her was a Valentine’s Day gift from my boyfriend last year. We’d only been dating a little over a month, and he knew she ruled my heart, too. She’s wearing a flower crown in it, and I actually did make her a real flower crown. (: She loves watching the cars go by and has lots of cute sleeping spots.  

As someone who keeps it real on social media, we knew Anna would be a perfect fit for our first M.A.S.H. article. Anna is a social media strategist by day and reminds us to slow down + live in the moment by night. Follow her @msannagrace for more candid content, inspirational quotes, and reminders that tie-dye can still be fashionable.