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Hidden Gems

Things that make the world a better place

WIMPIII Album + Merch

What better way to celebrate the summer than with California cool-girl trio HAIM? Their highly anticipated third album is here and it offers their classic summer sound plus so much more. Previous influences from Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell are still present, but layered in are some serious Lou Reed, Aaliyah, and Vampire Weekend vibes. Ariel Rechstaid – producer of both Vampire Weekend’s Father of the Bride and WIMPIII – is long-time partner to HAIM sister Danielle, so some style crossover comes as no surprise. Their relationship and Rechstaid’s diagnosis with testicular cancer in 2015 inspired many tracks on the album, including “I Know Alone” referencing Danielle’s subsequent depression, and “Summer Girl” which she wrote in an effort to bring him hope. This album gets sad, but it also gets groovy. A relatable place to be this tumultuous summer of 2020. The women of HAIM really open up with personal content and explore their wide range of talents and influences on this one. While you’re choosing a colored vinyl or a cassette signed by your favorite sister (Walkman to the beach anyone?), pick up a T-shirt too. Proceeds from this one and this one are going to BTFA (Black Trans Femmes in the Arts) and proceeds from this one go to Soundgirls, an organization that empowers young women to enter the world of professional audio and music production. \ Carmen

Hay Reusable Glass Straws

Summer is the season for slurping down sweet iced tea, lemonade and tiki drinks. Sometimes it’s the only way to embrace the hot days. To slurp, one must have a straw. You’ll still find remnants of plastic straws in my house, thanks to the never-ending IKEA straw package I bought a few years ago, but I am trying to be more conscious of my plastic consumption. And plastic straws = a prime example of non-eco-friendly throwaway culture. The solution? These fun Hay reusable glass straws in every color. They come with a straw cleaner + are dishwasher safe! I was fortunate to be gifted these as a birthday present this year, but you can buy them here. There’s even several variations of straws to pick from. The best part is choosing a complimentary straw color that best accents your beverage of the day. Maybe it’s time for a refresher on the color wheel? ~Happy slurping~ \ AL

Kon-Tiki (1950)

In this breathtaking documentary, Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl proposes that the native people of Polynesia came to the islands from the continent of South America. Most didn’t believe that this would be possible with the ‘primitive technology’ of the time, but Thor set out to prove them all wrong. On the coast of Peru, Thor and his assembled team construct a balsa wood raft using ‘primitive’ methods. His team of 6 men and a parrot named Lorita set sail into the middle of the pacific on April 28, 1947. Most of the film documents the experience of 100 days on the Kon-Tiki (name of the raft) and how his team survived the treacherous 4,300 mile journey. The things they witness and the ways they adapt to extreme situations are harrowing and truly thrilling, and the images they are able to capture of the menacing beauty and mystery of the ocean are breathtaking. This is a must watch for anyone interested in docs, adventure films, and the ocean. This Academy Award winning documentary is available to stream on Amazon Prime. You know what would pair perfectly with this doc? A freshly shaken daiquiri or maybe even a Mai Tai! Check out our history of rum and tiki articles for these iconic cocktail recipes and to learn about the context surrounding this film’s release and how the film itself contributed to America’s obsession with all things tiki. \ Tom

Loving Naturals Sunscreen SPF 30

Ok, this sunscreen is the best. In the past, I’ll admit I never wanted to wear sunscreen after reading about the negative consequences of the chemicals in conventional sunblocks. But, I found myself in a Catch 22 when I also didn’t want to leave my skin exposed and unprotected from the sun’s intensity. Enter Loving Naturals Sunscreen. If the words on the bottle don’t already sell you: “Blocks UVA/UVB. Water Resistant. Safe for Babies. 100% Natural. SPF 30” then keep reading. This mineral sunscreen stands out from the rest with its active ingredient Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, a mineral that’s been used as a medicinal topical ointment for literal centuries. In our contemporary times, it is the only FDA approved active ingredient that works on it’s own to provide protection from UVA1, UVA2, and UVB rays (read: all the bad ones). Zinc oxide has other benefits than sun protection; it can soothe irritated skin, treat insect bites, and acts as a mild astringent which reduces inflammation and provides antibacterial benefits. All this in a sunscreen! Not only does this product boast a completely natural ingredient list, it also has recyclable packaging and won’t break the bank. Currently ditching any and all conventional, chemical based sunscreens that are questionable for our health and bad for the environment and marine life! I actually look forward to putting this on daily. Loving Naturals sunscreen is my product of the summer. \ Anna