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DIY Light Bulb Pulls

Living in an older home can have its pluses and minuses. Although it may seem trivial, my midcentury home has lightbulb pulls throughout. These crusty-ass strings are everywhere, and I have to interact with them several times each day: in my closet when getting dressed, while grabbing my coat from the front hall closet and when I’m going down to the basement to do laundry. So, I set off to create a unique and attractive solution to this problem, one that would make my daily routine a bit more pleasurable! This DIY is budget friendly, and the process is simple. I know you, too, can elevate your pull game from rat tail to Kim K brain in no time!

What You’ll Need \


Wood Beads (various sizes)

Masking Tape

Glue – I used Tacky

Paint – use what you’ve got!

The Process \


Decorating the Beads

To start, paint a few of the beads with different patterns and colors. Dots, lines and stripes are all attractive choices. I suggest leaving some to be painted one color. You’ll want to paint enough beads to have at least two per pull. Experiment with different bead materials, colors, and maybe even some glitter!


Threading the Beads

This part was all experimentation and fun. Take a piece of masking tape that’s long and skinny and wrap it around the end of a generous length of string (like a cinnamon roll). This will make it easier for the string to thread through the beads. I used a thick string, and it was a tight fit to get some of the beads through. But in the end, with some practice, I got even the smallest beads threaded with ease! Try different variations. When I was making my pulls, if I felt like one didn’t turn out looking swell, I just took off the beads and started fresh.


Finishing Touches

The key to making the pulls look neat and finished is tucking in the knot at the end. Do this by looping back after the last bead (I’d suggest picking a smaller bead) and tying off the string with a double knot. Add a dab of glue to the knot for extra strength and pull the bead over the knot to conceal it.

Now you have a seamless finish to your pull! My biggest constraint with this step was finding a bead that concealed the knot. You want to use a small bead… but if it’s too small, I couldn’t pull the bead over the knot. Your string and bead sizes will probably be different than mine, so you’ll need to conduct your own trial and error experiments.


Hanging the Pull

Lastly, the finishing touches! Determine the ideal length for your pull. I preferred a pull that ended at eye-level. At the opposite end of the beads, tie off the string and snip the excess. I did add another dab of glue to the knot at this end, also, for extra strength. Make sure all glue is dry before installing. Depending on your metal bead pull connected to the light, you should be able to tuck the knot into the small metal clip. If not, you may need to get creative with fastening.

And there you have it, a light pull you will love pulling again and again and again! Never stop! While developing this DIY , I also made a few key chains. And if you can believe it, the cats love them. I’m sure you can come up with even more creative uses of these materials! Happy crafting!