Fools Gold Magazine
Volume 02

Take Care

Feb 20 \ Mar 20

A Guide to Self Care

DIY Beeswax Candles

Bar Cart Vol. 2

Cast Iron 101

Giant Brown Butter ((spiral)) Chocolate Chip Cookie

Zainah's Lakeview Chicago Apartment

A Love Letter to Florida

Board Games for Two

Hidden Gems

Simply Existing with Juliette Binoche

Editor's Letter

I’m writing you from a cold, dark place... which isn’t hard to find when you live in Minneapolis and it’s three days before the Winter Solstice. It’s the time of year where Midwesterners turn into comedians and ‘joke’ about the freezing temperatures, seasonal depression and 4 o’clock sunsets - it’s all so funny! “Why do we live here?” they say - well, the Fools’ Gold crew is made up of all Midwest natives and we haven’t ventured far, so we could definitely tell you why we live here. But more importantly, we’ve all developed ways to cope with harsh winters that last until April. 2(ish) months to go!

Whether you’re in a relationship with a Midwest winter, single, or ‘it’s complicated,’ checking in with your self care routine is something we all could do more often. February is a month that celebrates amorous relationships, but what have you done for yourself lately? When we were developing content for our second issue from a cold, dark room, it became clear that we didn’t want to take a traditional, romantic approach with this volume’s content. So, instead, we created an issue with good intentioned articles, including comfort food, a mindful DIY, and indoor experiences to keep you inspired - life’s simple pleasures, so to speak.

As you read through this issue’s articles, not all of them will scream of self love. Remember that taking care of yourself goes beyond drinking wine in a bathtub - although, sometimes it is just that! Try new things and you might be surprised at what puts your mind at ease. Because self care looks different for everyone, we took a more collaborative approach to this issue’s feature 'A Thoughtful Guide to Self Care' article, where we recommend tactics to a long and happy winter. Other articles, like the 'Cast Iron 101' are a more subtle nod to taking care of yourself - but seriously, what’s more loving than cooking yourself a homemade, cast iron meal? We’re pretty confident there’s something in here for everyone! Whatever speaks to you, prioritize yourself this season!

Which is why I’ll leave you with the title of our second issue:

Take Care,