Fools Gold Magazine
Volume 04

By the Pool

July 20 \ Aug 20

Take a dip!

Artist Feature: Annemarie Rose

A Brief History of Rum

A Brief History of Tiki

3 Tips for Healthier Summer Skin

Carmen's 425 sq. ft. NYC Apartment

DIY Plant Based Fabric Dye

DIY Suminagashi

Virtual Gallery: By the Pool

Not Just A Reading List

Hidden Gems

Life in Reel Time

Two Weeks in Duluth

Editor's Letter

On May 25th, George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department less than a half mile from my home. In the weeks to follow, I've never witnessed so much community, fire and new Black Lives Matter signs in my neighborhood. What could have been just another death caused by police brutality was a wake up call to many that we can do better. And we need to do better. Given the country's pre-existing state of unrest with Covid, I've also never heard so many people agree that 'something needs to change.' Whether we know it or not, 2020 has proved that we can adapt to change. In some ways, it's not what we necessarily wanted, but we are still here finding new ways to adjust to the country's variable states of lockdown.

Some of us are embracing these new ways better than others. Others are acting like old dogs, and they don't want to learn new tricks. I think the key to embracing change is finding excitement in the innovation - have you realized recently that you're a privileged bigot? Find excitement in all the growing you have to do! Challenge yourself to read books that expand your horizons. Are you missing the movie theater and concession stand treats? Recreate a theater experience at home! This Fools' Gold issue isn't about solving our country's problems. It's about teaching an old dog new tricks. We know a 'normal' summer has been out of reach in more ways than one; innovation is necessary. Maybe you can't be in the pool, but can you be by it?

Before I let you dive into this issue's articles, I will say one more thing. This pandemic has made it clear that we're not all in the same boat. Sure, we're all experiencing the Coronavirus, but there are so many variables that determine to what extent you will have to firsthand endure it's effects. I even look at our small group of Fools' Gold writers. There's job loss. A couple of our writers have temporarily moved home to their parents' while still paying rent in their respective big city apartments. Another one of us survived their two week stint of Covid fever and isolation. Then there's managing a restaurant in a time where there are new procedures to try and create safety + normalcy for the public. I have had my own set of tribulations, sure, but I've also enjoyed seeing us all face and transcend these less than ideal situations. I know you, too, are going through your own trials and hope this issue will bring you excitement this season - even if it doesn't look exactly like it used to -

Go with the flow ✌️