Fools Gold Magazine
Volume 05

It's Easy Being Green

Dec 20 \ Jan 21

I’m A Little Bit Country

Artist Feature: Ben Mercil

Introducing American Whiskey

The Wild West & The USPS

Westward Bound

Lindsey's Van Life

Thrifty Halloween Centerpieces

Writers' Spooky Media Picks

Virtual Halloween Gallery

DIY Spiced Pine Cone Fire Starters

Hidden Gems

7 Secrets To Finding True Vintage Denim

Gettin' Jiffy With It

Jam Fam

Cranberry Spice Jam

Chili, babe

Editor's Letter

Fall is my favorite season. Not only does the brisk air feel refreshing and give me an excuse to watch Halloween movies often, but it's also a time that typically brings family and friends together. For the last four years, I've hosted a large costume bash for my closest friends. And Thanksgiving is always a relaxing and delicious food-coma spent with family. With each season of the pandemic, we encounter new holidays or situations and find ways to adapt. Recently, I've been asking fellow Halloween appreciators how they plan to celebrate the season. Some will find savvy ways to still be part of the trick-or-treating tradition we all know and love, others are hosting intimate gatherings with family or friends. I'm hoping to host a small murder-mystery dinner, so I'll still have a reason to dress up and entertain. Regardless of what Halloween will look like for you, we have a few spooky articles that will encourage you to upgrade your holiday decor and watch/listen to spooky things all month long.

But in addition to all things Halloween, this issue is mainly one big nod to western culture. 'What is western?' was a question we asked when creating content for this issue. Your instinctive answer likely includes cowboys, horses and campfires (which you'll find some of in our articles). But we also examined the stereotypes of country music (Tom) and whiskey culture (Owen), hopefully giving you new insights along the way. We also learned that Carmen's ancestors were part of the first line of postmasters in ND territory, leading to a fascinating, historical reflection on the USPS. Anna gives us all the secrets about hunting for vintage denim. And we have four new writers sharing their stories on everything from living in the west (or out of a van) to making wallets and jam!

It's all so cool! I'm really smitten with this issue, ya'll. Hope your fall is filled with mostly treats,