Fools Gold Magazine
Volume 06

It's Easy Being Green

Dec 20 \ Jan 21

A Guide to Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Artist Feature: Olivia Bain

Saucy Recipes

Holidays Baked and Rapp’d

Masala Chai

Celebrating Alcohol Free

Cookbook Club

Matt & Drea's Longfellow Bungalow

The Art Of Composting

Skincare 101

Gifts from the Heart

Hidden Gems

Editor's Letter

Wow, December already. Can you believe it? This year has seemed awfully slow and monotonous in many ways, but guess what? I wouldn't change it. Sure, it was boring and frightening at times. And yes, I realize I've lived a rather fortunate Covid experience. For one, this year allowed me to slow down in countless ways. I learned about myself and others. 2020 also had me asking questions that I didn't know needed to be asked. Think about your year. Don't focus on the stuff that was out of control. What aspects of 2020 was exactly what you needed? Maybe there's more than you think.

Our sixth issue brings Fools' Gold through a whole year of articles! And again, what a weird year to be creating content when everyone is in their homes and isolating from others. Yeah, our party focused ideas pretty much went out the window! Each of the F'G writers became their own photographers, as we couldn't collaborate and have photo shoots like originally planned. But I'm really proud that we continued creating and had this outlet. Hopefully our content has inspired you to try a new recipe or create in ways that you wouldn't have otherwise. I'm feeling thankful for every creative that was part of this online experience, so far.

"It's Easy Being Green" is an ode to our good pal Kermit the Frog, except we turned his frown upside down. This issue is to shine a new perspective on the holiday season, whether it's through gift giving or the way you wrap your presents. So much of the holiday season is focused on materialistic and wasteful habits, and we want to inspire you to celebrate more consciously.

Along with our green focused articles, check out our cookbook and food/drink material to find delicious recipes. Make sure to check out "Holidays Baked and Rapp'd" if you're in the Twin Cities; baker Carly Rapp is our newest guest writer who is doing local catering. And we should all be supporting those small businesses in our community during this season! Tyler Schafer shares his journey to a booze-free 2020 and gives delicious beverage recipes in "Spirit Fee and Celebratory." Olivia Bain makes the perfect thoughtful and sustainable artist feature. I always say each issue is so good because it is!

Wishing you a happy holidays,