Fools Gold Magazine
Volume 03


Apr 20 \ May 20

Frank Lloyd Wright Road Trip

Artist Feature: Alysha Hill

Egg-cellent Cocktails

Rice 101

Recipe: Next Day Fried Rice

Kate and Jon's St. Paul Craftsman

Gardening Vol. 1

Hidden Gems

DIY Light Bulb Pulls

It’s not enough to dream it, it’s not enough to scheme it

Editor's Letter

A little over a month ago, I wrote an editor’s letter for this issue encouraging you all to embrace spring, the season of change. Little did I know just how much change we would actually encounter in the weeks to follow: dry hands, less hugs and handshakes, no dive bars, lots of bad news, more alone time, too many Zoom meetings. Despite all the changes that we may deem as negative, spring is not lost. Tulips are crawling from their temporary graves, the air is fresh and the mornings shine a little brighter. Life isn’t easy, and right now it’s especially difficult, but I still will encourage you to embrace your current state to the best of your ability.

During this bonkers time, Fools’ Gold’s mission remains: to inspire you, while keeping our content real and accessible. And I hope even with the current environment, you’ll find articles that inspire you or at least provide a positive distraction. We also came up with a very corny title for our third issue: Egg-cellent. Yes, a room of adults came up with that title. Yes, these articles really are egg-cellent! And yes, they pair well with spring fever. This volume is our most collaborative issue yet, and we’re delighted that our team of creatives continues to grow! So, what’s inside? : egg-y recipes, a transformative home feature, our first artist feature, enchanting DIYs, and an itinerary for an architect-approved roadtrip. There’s something for everyone.

Embracing your surroundings, reading Fools’ Gold, and dreaming up future goals and possibilities for yourself is the fun part… the hard part is harnessing that energy into action, which is why we’re very excited for this issue’s think piece ‘It’s not enough to dream it, it’s not enough to scheme it.’ Written by our newest F’G writer, Carmen, this article is a much needed reminder that ‘someday’ is an illusion, and we need to hold ourselves accountable for any change we hope to see in our futures. The change we can control, that is! A reality check with a side of frothy cocktails, what more could you possibly want this season?

Wishing you an egg-cellent spring and wash those hands!